Tuesday, June 21, 2005

End of Another Academic Year

Well, here it is, the end of another academic year at the NSCC Institute of Technology Campus. I'm looking forward to my first summer of vacation as a full-time continuing member of the faculty, although there will not be much spare time - lots of prep to do for September, new technologies to learn, and golf to be played. The 29th of August (our first day back) will come very quickly.

I also managed to complete the CCEDP - NSCC's Community College Education Diploma (or Development, depending on who you ask) Programme - a 10 course professional development programme required for all faculty and staff here at the college. I learned more practical application of education on the CCEDP programme than I did through my MEd, but both are great tools and I highly recommend both for all adult educators - theory and practice. Graduation from the CCEDP is 18 August, so it'll be one more walk across a stage. Education really is a life-long pursuit.