Saturday, December 23, 2006

What's Coming Up In 2007

Well here it is, almost the end of another year, time to look forward to 2007, and try to figure out what tools and technologies that I'll be adding to my my educational practice.

This past year has been one of exploring and using Web 2.0 tools and developing a presence in Second Life. In 2007, it will be time to actually use them in my learning environments.

So here are some of my predictions on what will be used by my learners and myself in 2007:

  • Second Life - I see great educational potential in Second Life as do many other educators and post-secondary institutions who are currently offering learning in Second Life. So in 2007, I will be offering a course or part of a course in Second Life.
  • Wikis - I know that I am late to the party, but I am finally starting to use wikis as a way to present, debate, discuss, and resolve issues. In 2007 I will be using wikis to collect, collate, and exchange information with learners.
  • Blogs - well, along with trying to be more diligent in keeping this blog active, I will be using blogs with learners to allow them to journal and critically reflect on their learning experiences. In 2007 learners will use blogs for presenting opinions, reflections, and maybe even problem solutions.
  • Social networking - rapidly becoming the lingua franca of digital natives (my learners), social networking tools and customs will provide learners with greater input and control over their learning environments (I hope). In 2007 my learners will begin to leverage social networking to their learning advantage.
  • Problem-Based Learning (PBL) - not new for 2007 I have been using PBL for many years with great success. In 2007 I will continue to use PBL as a powerful learning tool preparing learners for careers in the IT industry.
  • Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) - I am not a big fan of giving grades to adult learners as the focus becomes the grade, not the learning. Unfortunately learners expect, no they demand, grades (all they know), and institutions require them. However that does not stop me from using CBA tools and methods for assessing learning. I will do this more in 2007, including having learners decide their pace of deliverable submission and agreeing to how they will be assessed. My job will be to determine what competent is. In 2007 I will use competency-based assessment to a greater extent in my educational practice.
Well there you go - stay tuned and we'll see just how good a forecaster I am.

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