Saturday, March 31, 2007

My Web 2.0 Toolkit

I've been exploring and using all sorts of Web 2.0 tools and technologies for some time now and thought I would share the ones that make up my "Web 2.0 Toolkit". These are the Web 2.0 tools that I use pretty much everyday in both my personal life and as an adult educator. So, in no particular order, here they are:
  • Blogging - Well - I'm obviously using Blogger, but Wordpress is pretty cool too
  • RSS - I'm sold on Netvibes - it's become my number one source of online information - I literally get hundreds of feeds from it daily
  • Pictures - Flickr and Photobucket. I use Flickr for storing and showing off my photos and Photobucket for my stock photos that I use on line. I also use flickrCC to find stock photos online (remember to abide by the licensing terms of the owners - msot use one of the Creative Commons licenses)
  • Wikis - I have several different wikis now at wikispaces but pbwiki is a really good tool as well. Wikis are a great educational tool, particularly if you get your learners to maintain them. A good way to answer the question "What do we do now that the course is over?".
  • Collaboration - Google Groups and Google Notebook. Two great tools from Google, I plan on using them to replace textbooks in my courses.
  • To-do List - Remember The Milk is an easy to use to-do list that keeps me on track
  • Calendar tool - Google Calendar - just about runs my life now, would be lost without it - and I can share my calendar too so people know what's going on with me.
  • Social Networking - Facebook - a great tool for staying in touch, I'm in the process of setting up an alumni group for my former students
  • Video conversions - is great if you absolutely must have a local copy of that favourite online video. A great tool if you don't always have a high-speed Internet connection
  • Staying current - Twitter is a great tool for letting people know where you are and what you are up to although I do not use it nearly as much as some. I actually use the custom status messages in GMail more
  • Conferencing - Elluminate's vRoom - a great free tool from Elluminate gives you all of the capabilities of Elluminate except for recording and a limit of three sites. Not really a Web 2.0 tool (try Vyew if you want a Web-based conferencing tool).
Well there you have it - my current Web 2.0 toolkit - I am sure that it will continue to evolve over the months to come and I'll do my best to let you know what I am using...

(Photo from David Babylon)


Carolyn said...

So this is your personal learning environment?

Ian H. MacLeod said...

In a nutshell, yes it is, or at least it is my online PLE.

I'd like to think that I have many PLEs, all customized to my learning needs at a particular moment, the learning that is occurring, the location, and the learning styles in use.

For me another way of looking at PLES might be to call them "situational learning" - separate spaces, opportunities, and environments that collectively contribute to my learning.

PLEs - now there is a whole other topic for discussion. Hmmm...

Josh said...

I'm a fan of to manage my daily calendar and am now addicted to the news article stock market game I usually browse through these two directories to find new 2.0 sites:

Ian H. MacLeod said...

Thanks Josh, I'll have to check those out. Much appreciated. The knowledge pool deepens...

Alex said...

I highly recommend Yugma for real-time web get togethers. It's so easy and fast I use it almost every day for my various project meetings. I'm actually amazed that it's free.

Ian H. MacLeod said...

Thanks Alex, I'll check it out. Another tool for the kit.