Thursday, May 10, 2007

Atlantic Internet Marketing Conference

Next Monday and Tuesday, May 14th and 15th, I will be attending the Atlantic Internet Marketing Conference (AIM) at the Westin Nova Scotian Hotel. The focus of the conference is businesses and marketing them using the Web. My interest in this conference is primarily because I facilitate a course to our first year students called BUSI 2750 - Introduction To Business and Information Systems. One of the objectives of this course is to get learners familiar with the various business functions and marketing is one that we spend some significant time on.

Maximizing marketing opportunities on the Web is a great thing for all businesses to do, but particularly small businesses with limited resources and staffs. The AIM aims (:-)) to help businesses throughout Atlantic Canada market themselves on the Web. Major sponsors of the conference include, Travelocity, eBay, NSBI, and many others.

I'm really looking forward to hearing what the experts say about marketing online. I am really interested to see if anyone is combining goods and services marketing with Web 2.0 and social networking on the Web.

If you are in Halifax next week and at all interested about Internet marketing, check out the conference...


merben said...

That's great. I wish that I could also attended that conference. An Internet marketing newbie such as myself could have learn a lot from that conference.

Ian H. MacLeod said...

I'll be posting what I learn here, so come back if you would like.