Sunday, May 27, 2007

Second Life Best Practices in Education Conference

I attended the Second Life Best Practices in Education Conference in Second Life this past Friday, 25 May 2007. Here is a video summary of the days events (and if you look really closely towards the end of the video, you will see my avatar (hondomac Dalgleish) tripping the light fantastic:

It was a great conference highlighting some of the amazing educational environments and opportunities in Second Life. If you are an adult educator and have not yet taken a look at Second Life and its potential as a learning environment, I strongly encourage you to do so.

My thanks goes out to all of the organizers, presenters, and participants who helped make the conference such a great event. I cannot wait for the next conference to be held in Second Life. It is the future...

(Conference logo from SLBPE 2007 conference wiki)

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