Sunday, June 10, 2007

More on PLEs - A Great Set of Resources

One of the issues coming out of the creation of PLEs will be the ownership of the materials and content of the PLEs. This will be particularly true of workplace and work-related PLEs - the norm these days is anything created on a company computer or network belongs to the company, but that doesn't really fit with the idea of of a personal learning environment.

The blog eLearning Technology by Tony Karrer has a great post " More Discussion on Personal Work Learning Environments", a collection of links and resources on the subject of the issues of control and resulting ownership of work product as more and more people create personal work learning environments. If you are currently blogging "inside or outside the firewall", you should take a look at the resources in this post.

So should a corporation, if it wants to be able to keep content created by an employee after that employee leaves, especially blog content, provide the Web 2.0 tools to employees rather than having tools adopted that are outside the firewall and personally owned where the company will lose the content if the employee leaves?

So - Web 2.0 inside the firewall - is that in fact still social networking, and if it is, who controls the work product? Hmmm...

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