Friday, June 15, 2007

STLHE 2007 - Conference Day One - Slinging MUDD Across the Pond in a Virtual Environment

this session was presented by Barbara Campbell from the faculty of Nursing at UPEI. The MUDD Map was developed in conjunction with Kay Barrington from MUN.

MUDD Mapping stands for My, Understanding, Dialogue, Debate. It is an interactive teaching-learning activity. The emphasis is on 'sculpting through dialogue'. Learners are invited to take the mud of their courses (usually the course objectives) and sculpt them into something that makes sense to them, something that they can understand.

Learners agree to certain prerequisites before a MUDD Mapping session:
  1. Do the required reading prior to the session
  2. Reflect on past clinical situations and link the experiential component
  3. Be ready for debate/feedback
The teacher is present during a MUDD Mapping activity, but acts chiefly as the facilitator for the process, with 'intervention' status only when the learner is experiencing difficulty.

MUDD map looks very much like a mind map. An interesting tool, and one that could help small groups link concepts together as they review a topic...


harriss said...

the session on mudd was great, i instantly started thinking about how i could enhance my concept mapping with nursing students at the Université de Moncton

Ian H. MacLeod said...

I liked it because it created a learning environment that engaged the learners and got them driving the class and the learning that occurred in it.

Responsible, engaged learners are active successful learners...