Saturday, June 16, 2007

STLHE 2007 - Conference Day Two - Enhancing Student Learning Through Project Portfolios

This presentation was given by Andre Oberle from the University of Scranton. he is a professor of German and has been using project portfolios for some time. This was the last presentation of the day on a Friday and the room was full to overflowing, indicating to me a high level of interest in the use of portfolios.

He gave a great presentation explaining portfolios, their creation, use, pros and cons, and gave several exampled or rubrics and tools that can be used to create and manage portfolios.

Andre recommended to the audience that they start slowly, using project portfolios for individual projects/assignments, then moving on to course/programme portfolios. I actually like his idea of small portfolios for individual pieces of work - they could quite easily become building blocks for larger programme-based portfolios.

When creating project portfolios, he gets learners to include all of their reserach, drafts, feedback, comments, and any other artifacts they have collected in their portfolios. I really like this idea - really helps with academic integrity issues if all sources, drafts etc. are included in the portfolio.

Portfolios are a great way to measure the achievement of learning outcomes and they also reinforce the need for critical self-reflection - answering the "why" question.

A great way to end the day on a high note. I am going to think about how I might implement project portfolios in my courses as smaller, more manageable portfolio "chunks" for my learners as a way of helping them build their larger, all encompassing programme portfolios. Hmmm...

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