Monday, June 11, 2007

STLHE 2007 Conference

I will be attending the STLHE 2007 conference at the University of Alberta in Edmonton fro 12-16 June. The conference theme this year is "Evolving Scholarship".

STLHE is The Society For Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. STLHE is a national association interested in improving teaching and learning in higher education. Member institutions can be found here.

From the conference Web site here is an explanation of the conference theme, "Evolving Scholarship":

"This theme also captures various perspectives of the scholarship of teaching including:
  • The scholarship of teaching and learning
  • Integrating research, teaching and learning
  • Administrative recognition and support of teaching and learning
  • Formal programs to enhance teaching and learning
  • Infrastructure to support teaching and learning
  • Experiential teaching and learning

Students today need different skills from students who attended university in the 1990s; they may need to remember less fact, but they also need a better-developed ability to access and manipulate information and to explore entirely new ideas. Also, the scholarship of teaching has changed. We recognize that we now know a great deal more about how students learn, and good professors will incorporate those findings into their teaching. Because many University staff have high qualifications in their specialty but less information about appropriate teaching techniques, Faculty Development and Offices of Education are also of interest to the Society. All these aspects are covered under the theme of "Evolving Scholarship"."

I will be blogging my experiences at the conference, so stay tuned...

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