Saturday, June 16, 2007

STLHE 2007 - Getaway Day

It's the last day of STLHE 2007 (last morning actually) and I'm heading to the airport around noon for the trek back to Halifax. It's been an amazing experience being here, and hard to believe that it's only been three days. I've met some amazing people, heard some fantastic presentations (including my first Nobel laureate), had some suspicions confirmed, and had a bunch of new ones raised.

I cannot recommend STLHE highly enough - if you are involved in post-secondary education, you MUST attend this conference. The open, friendly atmosphere and the intense focus on teaching and learning and how to make them better is palpable, and invigorating - I am all charged up and full of ideas - a truly transformational experience.

I'll be blogging some final thoughts on STLHE 2007 in a few days once I've had an opportunity to do my own reflecting, but for now let me start the day with another great Edmonton sunrise:

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