Sunday, August 19, 2007

I Have Seen The Light... And It's A Mac!!

I have seen the light and it's a Mac! In fact it's a shiny new Apple MacBook Pro. I have wanted a Mac for a long time, but was always put off by the price, the need for new software, and many other reasons that escape me now that I own one.

I've had my Mac now for almost a month, and let me tell you - OS X is everything Vista should be. I find it far more intuitive and easier to use. It's certainly easier to find things. I now prefer the Dock to the menu and taskbar model of Windows, and as a lifelong hater of touchpads, let me tell you the Mac's touchpad is simply well - amazing. I have an Apple Mighty Mouse (Bluetooth BTW), but I only use it in Second Life - I actually find the touchpad easy to use (and I never thought I would say that).

For those of you who are still saying yes, but Macs are more expensive, check out this article from IT - "Mac vs.PC cost analysis Part 1". As for the software costs - there is an awful lot of Web 2.0, freeware and shareware out there at little or no cost for the Mac. If you absolutely must have that windows app then get a copy of Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion and get the best of both worlds.

Now when I need to replace my desktop, might it be an iMac? Hmmm...

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