Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Reach Out To Nova Scotia...

I've talked a lot about AHA! moments and transformational learning, but today blew all of that away. Today was Reach Out To Nova Scotia for all learners and staff at the Nova Scotiia Community College (NSCC). I've worked at NSCC for almost five years now, and I love my job and my college - I get to interact on a daily basis with some of the most amazing, passionate, talented people, and the learning and transformations that occur daily are simply amazing. But today outdid them all.

Reach Out To Nova Scotia was a one day service learning opportunity for all staff and learners at NSCC. there were no classes today and over 1600 staff and 10,000 learners went out into their communities around the province and participated in over 300 projects, giving back to province as a way to say thank you for the support the province has given us (over $126 million in development money).

The scope and number of projects was diverse, but all had a common theme - service learning and giving to the community. There was lots of building, painting, scraping, bagging, raking, and picking up and sorting out. Here is one project - gleaning squash fields in the Annapolis valley, producing 5,000 pounds of squash for Feed Nova Scotia - what an amazing accomplishment!

To see more of the kind of projects that we undertook and to see the pride and passion of the people I am so fortunate to hang out with every day, check out the Reach Out To Nova Scotia Flickr site.

I find it hard right now to put in words how I feel about today - it's a mix of pride, well-being, and a feeling that something momentous has happened in my life that will take some time to sink in. I think that may be how many of my colleagues and friends are feeling tonight too - tired, but happy...

It was an amazing day - thank you Nova Scotia!!!

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