Sunday, November 25, 2007

CIT 2007 - Engaging Students In Online Learning Through Collaborative Activities

This was an amazing round table discussion led by Bret Nelson of San Jacinto College on transitioning from the classroom to online learning.

One the advantages of attending conferences like CIT 2007 ids that you get to travel with amazing colleagues who take much better notes than you do. So, instead of subjecting you to my ramblings, check out Randomminds's post "Tips For Teaching Online". She captured the session completely and there is nothing I could add.

I found Bret's enthusiasm and passion for teaching online quite contagious. the other very cool thing about this session was that there were two instructional designers from San Jacinto College participating and they had a lot of great input. It was apparent that they had a very close working relationship, and if I got one thing out of this session is that as online faculty keep your instructional designer close by - they are the real experts and will help you with that transition from the classroom to to cyberspace. Bret had all sorts if tips, hints, and tricks for developing and managing online learning.

The tips and hints that you will find at Randommind's post will hold you in great stead as you prepare (or are currently) to teach online - go read it now!...

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