Sunday, November 04, 2007

Where Were You When The Light Went Out?

BBQ Cover.jpgNoel, or more correctly post-tropical storm Noel blew through here last night. Lots of wind and rain and the obligatory power outage. It seems these days it's a given that if it gets windy several things happen - generator, battery, and water sales goes up, and confidence in the power company goes way down. Having said that I'd like to thanks the power crews that venture out in the wind and rain to repair the outages - they have my admiration and thanks. I watch the Powerline Technicians climbing poles at the college during good weather - I can only imagine what it's like in a near hurricane.

Unlike during Hurricane Juan which roared through here in 2003, there was not a lot of damage in my neighbourhood (although there was damage in other parts of the city). I think the reason for the lack of damage was that most of the old trees were lost during Juan. What did come off the trees were all of the coloured leaves - what is left on the trees are the green leaves - it looks strangely Spring-like around here.

Oh and BTW, f you are missing a BBQ lid, it's on my front step...

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