Monday, June 30, 2008

Gotta Love Apple and AppleCare...

Just a quick post to thank Apple Canada and AppleCare for some amazing customer support. On my recent trip to Omaha, the battery in my MacBook Pro (personally speaking the best laptop out there...) started to fail. It shut down my laptop even though the charge indicator showe hours of charge left.

When I got home yesterday, I called AppleCare - the customer service rep was excellent. She really knew her stuff, walking me through some trouble-shooting steps that I had already done myself, and she did it in a very professsional, non-condescending manner - a pleasant change from some of the tech support out there. She quickly resolved the issue, made arrangements for a new battery to be shipped to me free of charge (and I return the old battery the same way).

It was such a pleasure dealing with such a professional, engaged, and interested person. If you own a Mac and do not have AppleCare - go get, it's worth the money.

Thanks Apple Canada and you all have a Happy Canada Day! Bring on the iPhone!...

(Photo - Apple Logo from Apple Web site)

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