Thursday, January 01, 2009

My Virtual Cross-Canada Trek 2009

This past year (after all we're one day into 2009, so that would make 2008 this past year), we had a walking challenge at the college - each group picked a destination off a map and then our accumulated walking totals went towards the distance to our destination. I ended up walking 978 KMs in 2008 that I actually recorded on a pedometer. I got to thinking that it's something I wanted to continue for 2009, but on a larger scale - so here it is - in 2009 I will virtually walk from Halifax to Vancouver, a distance of 4443 Kms according to WikiAnswers.

I'll update the map periodically with my progress. We're in the middle of a New Year's Day blizzard here on the East Coast today, so I'm off to a slow start - my walking today will be of the indoor type. I'm just a little worried about dodging rush hour traffic in Montreal and Toronto, and that trek up the Rockies is goingto be a killer! Wish me luck...

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