Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Shambhala ALIA Institute 2009 - Some Additional Thoughts and Images

It's been almost a week since ALIA 2009 came to a close and I'm still pondering and reflecting - one of the highlights of the week for me was the focus on self, the reflections of just what my skills were when it came to hosting and facilitating. I learned a lot, met some incredible people and have taken away some amazing stuff that I will be sorting through for some time to come.

I have come to some conclusions though:
  • for me ALIA 2009 was a great experience - it was both relaxing and restorative after a very long academic year, yet stimulating and challenging. I was definitely forced out of my comfort zone several times during the week and I think that stretching was good for me.
  • I am a very good educator and facilitator and have added to my tool kit and practice through what I have seen and participated in at ALIA 2009
  • There is still a ton of stuff out there to learn and distill
  • There is a place for the arts - music, dance, art, and more in education - we need to expres what is in us and for many that is through the arts - amazing people at ALIA
  • My reflecting and analyzing of my experience at ALIA 2009 is far from over...
I've also posted some photos from the week on my Flickr site in a Photo set called "ALIA Institute 2009".

I suspect that I will posting additional thoughts on my ALIA 2009 experience. Stay tuned. Hmmm...

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