Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Conference Mash-Up

From Elluminate's blog "Transforming teaching and learning through innovative technology", this post - "The conference mash-up: Conference + Webconf + Blog + Moodle + Wiki (A Conbooki?)", talks about the changing nature of conferences as they evolve into something new - not held just in a hotel ballroom, but in a ballroom, online, through blogs, and wikis, and yes through Elluminate and other ways all at the same time that allow non-traditional conference audiences to attend.

The post gives several great examples of what these "mashedup" conferences can be. I have attended (remotely) a couple of them and they work - all the advantages of attending a conference without the travel, the jet lag, or the bag of goodies (hey! wait a second...).

A very cool concept and I believe the conference of the future...

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