Saturday, June 16, 2007

STLHE 2007 - Conference Day Two - Creating Learner-Centred Curriculum In Higher Education - Faculty Perspectives

This presentation was done by Martha Cleveland-Innes of Athabasca University and Claudia Emes of the University of Calgary. They presented their findings on a study looking at curriculum redesign, moving from "planning For Teaching" to "Designing For Learning", a move towards PBL. It takes the responsibility/work from faculty serving up information to learners finding solutions.

Principles for Curriculum redesign:
  1. Explicit and accessible documentation of required outcomes
  2. Explicit and continuous reference to documented evidence of students experience
  3. Choices regarding pathways to master skills and knowledge (learner driven)
  4. Curriculum Delivery will be flexible and offer choices
  5. Clarity of role expectations and required behaviours
  6. Role adjustment for faculty - content expert and supporter of learner. Create deep, independent, self-managed learners
This is a learner-centred approach - the learners is at the centre of the curriculum development process

Study Findings:
  1. Issues in the move to learner-centredness
    1. clarifying expectations
    2. institutional support
    3. setting objectives
    4. finding resources
    5. moving online
    6. realizing outcomes
    7. lecture vs. seminar
  2. New learner role requirements
    1. deep, independent, self-managed learner
    2. higher expectations
    3. improved initiation
    4. periodic check points
    5. reflective learning
    6. new responsibility
This presentation reinforced for me many of the things that we are currently doing at NSCC with regards to curriculum development - I believe that we are definitely on the right path...

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